About Gruven Stands

Gruven Stands

Gruven’s unique stands hold instruments securely, without
pressure on the neck, and fold for easy transport and setup. Gruven stands are totally self-contained – no parts to take off and get lost. You can also use these versatile stands for autoharps or omnichords, or to display cellos, baritone horns,
cymbals, etc.

These durable, dependable stands come in sizes to fit any guitar. Choose from several models:

  • Premier Deluxe – Top-of-the-line – The finest hardwoods with a high-gloss lacquer finish
  • Premier – Hardwood stand with an oil finish
  • Safety – metal “A-frame” stand
  • The classic Gruven Universal and Slimline stands – the original Gruven folding stand design

Musicians and collectors prefer Gruven’s hand made, hardwood stands to protect and show off their treasured guitars. Choose from the top-of-the-line Premier Deluxe that features a hand-rubbed, lacquer finish, or the Premier, which comes with an oil finish.
We also offer these beautiful wooden stands for Violins, Mandolins and Banjos.

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